After 5 years of establishment, our main operational office is located in a serene are of Ikeja, the capital of Lagos state, Nigeria and where is commonly referred to as “computer village” of Nigeria. Other outlets are located in Lagos Island, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Sokoto. We also have business contacts representative in all Nigeria’s state capitals. We strive daily with our management and marketing team and strategies so that our optimum objectives are achieve.

We carry out core areas of business in hardware, software, sales and services simultaneously since it involves IT/ Skills, experience and competencies. Our technical sales and engineering teams are to the task. We have hand-in-hand with our client to create necessary IT supports and solutions provided. We passionately related with our business partners and stakeholders ranging from suppliers, OEM, clients, contractors, manufacturers, banks etc thereby creating a strong and long lasting relationship.

ICT preventive Maintenance, Repair Services, Computer networking, hardware/software installations, Cloud Computing Services, ICT Service Management, Corporate IT training, ICT Projects, Consultancy etc

Laptops, Desktops, Printers, UPS, Servers, Software, Network Switches, Peripherals, Consumables and Accessories

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